Birkenstocks offer the Ultimate Comfort

Birkenstock has been manufacturing comfortable footwear for well over two hundred years. The innovative shoe manufacturers have been highly successful and today they make all types of footwear for men, women and children.  Birkenstocks: Arizona sandalsMany shoe manufacturers could learn a lesson or two from Birkenstock. Birkenstocks appear to have the edge over their competitors.  So, what have Birkenstocks got that other fashion shoe makers haven’t? In a nutshell they use first rate materials to create their shoes, sandals and clogs and the “Birkenstock foot bed” is legendary.

When you slip on a pair of shoes or Birkenstock sandals you know that your feet are firmly supported. The bed of Birkenstock footwear is designed to offer ultimate comfort; this is one reason why these clogs, sandals and shoes are so popular. The bed of each shoe is formed from natural latex and cork and it is designed to fit the shape of the bottom of the foot. As you walk the cork and latex foot bed softens with your body heat and the shoe molds to the shape of your foot. Naturally good quality footwear may be marginally more expensive but in the long run Birkenstocks offer good value for money.

Many of us have been tempted to buy cheap sandals and shoes but more often than not we have regretted doing so. Buy a pair of cheap fashion sandals and they will be worn out in weeks, purchase a pair of Birkenstock sandals and you can expect to wear them for the foreseeable future. Millions of people are familiar with the name Birkenstock. Birkenstocks have worked hard to gain a superb reputation.  The Birkenstock sandals are durable, stylish and popular and this footwear can be repaired time after time. Birkenstocks can be re-soled, the shoe straps can be repaired and the buckles can be replaced.

So, we have established that Birkenstock makes comfortable footwear that offers a custom fit. But Birkenstock footwear is also environmentally friendly because the cork used in the unique foot bed comes from a renewable source. The thick supple leather that is used to make these comfy clogs, shoes and sandals provides comfort and support. What’s more the thick soft hide is highly durable and it allows the feet to breathe inside of the shoe. Many people who buy Birkenstocks are smitten with the footwear after day one. Birkenstock sandals, clogs and shoes are not high fashion; the footwear has been designed to offer ultimate comfort.

A lot of people think that the clunky clogs look cool and trendy and maybe anyone who is anyone owns at least one pair of this funky footwear. Some people find it nigh on impossible to wear fashionable footwear and Birkenstocks may be ideal for anyone who has difficulty finding comfortable shoes. Birkenstocks are so popular that many shoe Sites stock the soft leather clogs, sandals and shoes. Wear Birkenstock sandals and clogs with casual clothing and you have created the perfect casual look, take a look at what the celebrities are wearing and note that they love Birkenstocks too.

Why Is Birkenstock Footwear So Comfortable

Birkenstock shoes were your quintessential hippie shoes back in the ’60s and ’70s. A decade later, during the ’80s, the brand of shoes got popular for its medical benefits. In the 1990s, there were multiple personal attachments to the footwear. Regardless of the period they were made in, Birkenstock footwear have always been known for comfort and durability. Let’s find out why.

Birkenstock Footwear
Expert Footwear Manufacturers

The brand of Birkenstock has been around for a few centuries, since 1774, to be exact. Having focused on the same vocation for so many decades, it’s quite natural Birkenstock knows what it takes to make an extremely comfortable and convenient pair of human shoes. The shoe industry and trends have changed ever since the company’s origin, and Birkenstock has successfully managed to keep itself abreast. However, its focus on “comfort” has been unrelenting.

Soft and Eco-Friendly Material

Birkenstock thrives on its simple, clean and subdued designs. As a result, the company invariably ends up using soft fabrics like suede and leather to make its easy-to-wear and popular footwear. In fact, the brand has stayed eco-friendly right from the time when “green” manufacturing wasn’t buzzing or easy to accomplish. With time, the company hasn’t stopped using natural, premium quality, recyclable, naturally insulating and renewable material.

Comfortable Cork Footbeds

The footbed designed into all Birkenstock products is made from latex, jute and cork. The popular cork soles come from Cork Oak, a tree that isn’t destroyed or cut in the process. The soles are made using the tree’s bark, which post removal is allowed to grow again.

Moreover, since 1897, the company’s footwear come with contoured insoles for more comfort. The shoes also comprise curved footbeds churned out from rubber and cork for increased stability. In short, the wide footbeds and thick soles can provide much needed cushion to the feet all day.

The design incorporated into the shoe lets it conform to the feet of the wearer. Initially or when stepping foot for the first time into a fresh pair of Birks, things may feel rough. However, with constant usage, the experience would be similar to walking around barefoot.

Long story short, if your Birkenstock pair isn’t as comfortable as you expected them to, you’ve either got the wrong size or a knock-off.

Unique Styling

As aforementioned, Birkenstock keeps its designs simple. In addition, it ensures the uniquely styled footbed mold’s to the shape of the foot, making the pair even more comfortable with time. The footwear is designed to embrace the foot’s natural form, which permits all-round support and mobility freedom.

100 Percent Versatility, Almost!

Birkenstock’s comfort quotient just do not end with the physical senses, but it also invokes a feeling of mental peace and comfort once you realize it’s good to pair with almost any kind of outfit.

Based on the Birks’ model or style, it can be sported with almost any kind of outfit. For instance, Gizeh thong sandal variety blends wonderfully well with a springy dress or cute maxi dress for a casual restaurant meet-up or something similar. Simultaneously, Birks go well with a t-shirt and high-waisted shorts too; or even a cute top and skinny jeans for that matter.

But don’t put these shoes on at a wedding or similar ceremonies.

Man-Made and Rigorous Testing

Not that other shoes and sandals are made by robots, but the fact that human touch is involved in every intricate detail of the Birkenstock shoe-making process lends the brand the credibility and quality. Unlike other strappy sandals that hardly last a few years with prolonged usage, Birks stick to their gut much like a sports shoe. Remember, sports shoes are made better than other types of footwear and last much longer, as a result. And the same quality and attention to detail goes into the design and making of all ranges of Birks footwear.

Thanks to the human play and strict quality checks, every pair of Birks footwear leaves house only when it’s certified to do what it’s supposed to do.


Birkenstock isn’t new to the footwear industry and the brand manages to grab the fashion lover’s fancy time and again, proving company’s products manage to stay fashionable and trendy despite being super comfortable. This is unlike most other comfy shoes that are ugly to say the least.